Meet The Team


Chloe Rohrbacher

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Chloe is a Partner Mastery Graduate and has quickly established herself as a color specialist and blonde master! She loves growing and learning everything she can about the always changing techniques of our industry. She has a passion to always deliver the best results and really connect to her guests! 


Kendra Cooke

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I am creative thinker and didn't thrive in typical jobs. I have held multiple intrests and esthetics brings a lot of them together. I have a stong need to help others, and at the end of the day if I feel like I have made a difference to someone then I am fulfilled and happy. After having experience in multiple other salons and spas I can say that Allure's atmosphere, customer service, and continuing education is incomparable in all the best ways


Kara Seevers

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I love seeing the immediate boost in confidence in clients as soon as you finish styling them. You can change the way they think about themselves especially when the world/ social media can be so hard. I also love my job and this salon because I finally found something that I don’t lose motivation in, this industry is constantly evolving and changing with new education and it helps me when it comes to having a creative outlet!


Hannah Ehlers

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Hannah is a master of her craft! She educates her guests in all things beauty. She has a soothing touch and you are sure to leave her room relaxed, fulfilled and satisfied! She specializes in eyebrow microblading, all skincare services including microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, electromagnetic facials, chemical peels and all specialty facials! She is also a master brow artist and offers lash lifts and tints! If you have a skin concern she can fix it! if you have a beauty need, she can do it, and if you have questions, she has the answers!

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Amara Barfoot

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Amara is one of our Guest Happiness Team experts! She is a full time student at Colorado Mesa University while working to build our guest experience, enhance stylist productivity and take care of each and every guest that walks through our doors! She loves life,  Jesus and working as part of a team that builds a better community. 


Ashley Booth

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I absolutely love creating peoples dream looks! It is so wonderful to see how happy people get with big or small changes and to know that you did that is so nice. I love our salon and our environment! There is so much teamwork it really helps push me further and further In my career! Im trying to pursue my dreams because there is so much to do in this career! There is so much change and I love continuing to learn and grow as the industry grows.


Andrea Dick

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Andrea joined the Beauty Bar Team to advance her education career, grow her strengths and share as part of a team! After owning her own suite, she saw the value in our education based team atmosphere and wanted to give her current guests the best experience and services possible! We love her passion for teamwork, training and the beauty industry! She is a power blonde specialist and her vibe and great attitude are unmatched! 

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Jacy Rouse

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I chose this line of work when I was lost and searching for a career that would fulfill and  satisfy my life. I didn’t want to become someone that was stuck in a job they hated with no direction or motivation. After I started training to become a cosmetologist I slowly learned it wasn’t just about coloring someone’s hair or doing a simple cut. I was about artistry and seeing a canvas you can completely transform into something beautiful. Changing someone’s life and confidence, how they look at themselves. Building relationships with clients that were once strangers but now friends that I look forward to seeing. Finding Allure was almost like fate cause I found somewhere right off the bat that had everything I dreamt about working in a salon. Not many stylists get lucky like I did in finding a home right away like I did. Allures attitude and ethics are what I live by even in my personal life. I can and am already achieving my dreams and goals there. With the  continuing education and support I know the sky is the limit at Allure. I can not wait to grow more and more within myself but with my new found family.


Madi Schroeder

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My Why is… the supportive atmosphere between coworkers, the opportunity that is made for us to succeed, and the hustle that is expected in order to keep us accountable. It feels good know I have to and DO get up every day knowing I’m going to look and feel good at work. This isn’t a job for me anymore THIS IS MY CAREER. I love our salon because it is clean professional and a safe space for my guests and myself. I feel privileged to create in a space of ownership, I am privileged to serve our guests. Without them I wouldn’t be working in the space I love. Without them I could not learn or feel the need to continue my education to bring them a more knowledgeable and consistent experience. They are the whole reason we can do what we do and they really are happy to call allure their salon home! I pursue my dreams because I know me, my family, and my community deserve a better life. If I didn’t pursue my dreams I would lead a unfulfilled life.


Heather Wade

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Heather is a fierce go-getter with a passion for knowledge and learning. She has excelled her career by always lending a helping hand and continuing her education in the latest trends and techniques to keep up with the ever changing beauty industry. After receiving a license in cosmetology, she pursued her dream of becoming a licensed barber by attending classes while still working in the salon! She now specializes in barbering style, straight razor and beard trims along with women cut, styles and colors. Heather is an authentic leader in the salon following her passion to make a career in our industry and the world a more beautiful place!


Bobbi Zmiewsky

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Bobbi's passion is this industry. She has recently transitioned from behind the chair to a full time educator and mentor for the team at Allure Beauty Bar as well as her Beauty.Business.Finance adventure. She works with the Beauty Finance Group to educate beauty professionals on the fundamentals of finance, income protection, investing and retirement. She gets to educate stylists all over the country attending industry events and shows. She was recently nominated for the Professional Beauty Association Salon and Spa Advisory Board of Professionals.   Her goal is to leave this industry and community better than we found it while sharing her faith and experience with passion! You can still catch her in her happy place, which is in the salon, as an associate to her growing and talented team and collaborating on salon guests making people happy and growing her teams talents! 


Jessica Krabbe

Jessica has been an inspiration and coach and mentor to so many industry professionals as well as members of her community and family. This is not just her career but a way of life. Connecting with her clients, thier families , her team and taking care of each individual is her natural talent. She is always willing to teach and share her industry wisdom and strives to always make a positive difference. She is beyond talented and specializes in all things hair and beauty.

Jessica takes her own payments and handles her own booking separately.


Amy Bennett

Amy is one of a kind with her positivity and willingness to always learn and grow and be a team player. She has established herself as a team leader because of her natural talent, skills and abilities and her passion to share them with her guests and team. She loves what she does and truly shows in each and every appointment she finishes.

Amy takes her own payments and handles her own booking separately.