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Our Classic Color and Texture Experience is just that, the classics. These are the standard of our core salon services. If you are looking for a more modern or complex color like balayage or creative + vivid tones, check out our Specialty Color or Specialty Blonding Packages.


Please note that all of our classic pricing is based off 8 weeks of grow out. If it has been longer than that since you've had your hair done, expect to have an additional color charge. Also, please note that if your hair falls into the THICK or EXTRA long category, additional product charges will apply. As always, we will have a thorough consultation to ensure you are aware of your hair cost! 


Classic Color Services 

Grey Maintenance - This is to keep those pesky grey roots covered. Up to 1" or 8 weeks of grey is covered. Anything more and we may have to mix additional color! 
All Over Single Color - Every hair colored. Single process with Permanent or Demi color can be used. No foils.
Mini Foil - Up to 10 foils. Hi-lites or Lo-lites. Great for face-framing (money piece) or strategically placed through top and sides to blend old hi-lites, grey hair or add depth with lo-lites
Partial Foil - 11- 20 foils. Top, sides and crown area foiled. Half head still provides tons of lightness or dimension but leaves the depth in the lower back part of the hair
Full Foil - 20+ foils. Foils for DAYS. Top, sides, crown and back are foiled. Maximum lightness. If you pull your hair up and don't like to see dark underneath, pick this option or if you need to lowlight and add depth to over lightened hair, this is a great option! 
Toner - Any time we lighten the hair and expose any natural undertones, they are WARM and shades from red to gold to orange to yellow! ALL hair has a natural underlying pigment that is exposed during the lightening process! Applying a toner gives you the natural to biege to caramel to icy tones you are wanting! It also provides shine and sealing and gloss to the lifted hair. They are Demi-permanent which means they do fade over time and will need redone with each visit to the salon or in between lightening services! 
Root Smudge - Hate how your hi-lites grow out? That hard line between your natural regrowth and the last hi-lites? You know what I'm talking about. A Root Smudge is applied after the foils are washed out. It is a translucent demi color that matches your natural color applied at partline and front hairline that keeps those hard grow out lines super soft as your hi-lites grow out

Men's Grey Blending - Are you a silver fox? Would you like to cover or blend your grey for a distinguished look? This is the service for our guys to enhance or blend their natural color! 


Base Retouch Grey Coverage (1 color applied up to 1 inch off scalp) .......... starting at $72

All Over Color (1 single color applied from base to ends) .......... starting at $83

MINI FOIL single color (7-10 foils) 60 min .......... starting at $71

BLEACH MINI FOIL + TONE (7-10 foils) 75 min .......... starting at $96

PARTIAL FOIL single color (11-20 foils) 75 min .......... starting at $ $94

BLEACH PARTIAL FOIL + TONE (11-20 foils) 90 min .......... starting at $119

FULL FOIL single color (20 + foils) 120 min .......... starting at $117

BLEACH FULL FOIL + TONE (20 + foils) 135 min .......... starting at $142

Specialty Foil (more than one color in foils or additional grey coverage with your highlights and lowlights) .......... starting at $150

Touch-up Toning Treatment (refresh your current highlights in between appointments) .......... starting at $66

Grey Blending All Over Color Treatment for Men .......... starting at $58



Please click on any service above to book now or click here to be directed to our online booking platform! If you do not see what you are looking for, check out our packages for detailed and precise color looks here!

If you need direction on your hair length or desired look, click here!

Texture and Smoothing Services

This is our basic perm wrap for short hair above shoulders. Class body wave to tight curls! Starting at $78

We have all the options for smooth and sleek hair to just taming frizz and mending split ends. Brazilian Blowout Original starting at $247

For anything longer than shoulders or for spiral and long hair, this is your option! Starting at $98

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