What To Know About Online Booking

We are so excited to have you experience our team and our salon! Here you can find some important facts for the easiest online booking and in-salon experience! Every guest is different and every approach is customized but there are some basic guidelines we follow to ensure the proper booking of services and for transparent communication to our guests!

What Haircut Should I Book?

This is a visual guide we go by to determine hair length and or density. This is important for you to know so you can book properly and your stylist has enough time for your desired outcome! Understanding where you are starting is just as important of knowing where we are going!

Second.....are you looking to keep your current style and get "just a trim" or are you looking for a more specific haircut that is drastically different than what you have? These are important because the second takes way more time and sometimes multiple haircuts in one! Also, we believe the value in the haircut is what is left on your head, not what is taken off! It takes the most skill to trim and touch up a haircut leaving what you have look perfect!

Please note that if you have extra long or VERY thick hair please book the appropriate haircut by clicking here!

What does this level system mean?

The Service Provider Level System at Allure Beauty Bar offers our clients options when it comes to salon services as well as providing a career path for growth and achievement for our team members. Clients may choose the stylist/level that best fits their requests and needs from skill-set/experience, to beauty budget. Stylists can grow in each area of experience, education and demand. As they grow, they earn the opportunity to be promoted to more advanced levels. As a client, you can grow with your favorite Stylist or build new relationships with newer Service Providers as they come in. The important part is that no matter what level Artist you’re working with, we ALWAYS work as a team to ensure you leave beautiful and HAPPY!

Partner Artist

Partner Artists are newly CO State licensed professionals who have completed the state required hours and testing for the Cosmetology Board, or they are new to our Salon. They assist the salon throughout the day and receive hands-on training on models under the guidance of Master Artists. They learn our systems, culture and advanced education as they start broadening their service menu. All color services provided are formulated with a Senior Stylist.

Associates + Level 1 + Level 2

Lead Artist

Lead Artists have a few more years of experience and education under their belt and have started getting pretty busy behind the chair. They are well equipped to handle more custom or complex haircuts and colors, extension services and skincare treatments for our estheticians.

Level 3

Master Artist

Master Artists are just that, true masters of their craft. They are established, respected and carry a reputation for excellence that have earned them this title. With years, sometimes decades of experience, advanced education and the highest demand for their services, there is not much a Master Artist hasn't handled in their craft. They are leaders in the company and are experienced mentors who pay their knowledge forward to the future generations of beauty industry professionals

Level 4 + Level 5 + Level 6